Prices for checking, packing and repairing rescue parachutes

Prices for checking and packing parachutes at Parachute Service Junkers. So that everything remains transparent, here are our costs for checking and packing rescue parachutes.

Please indicate on the online form before delivery to us whether the test should be billed to us or via the association.

If there is no organization in your country where you can register for the exams, please select “Parachutes must be inspected by Junkers” in the form.

The cost of a parachute is then calculated from the cost of inspection + packaging and shipping.

We charge EUR 50 per parachute for testing if it is tested by us.

We have 4 price scales for packing, depending on the parachute type and effort.

  • EUR 55 per parachute
  • EUR 65 per parachute
  • EUR 70 per parachute
  • 75 EUR per parachute

all prices incl. VAT

Contact us before placing an order if you would like to know the price of packing your parachute sample.

Repairs to rescue parachutes and cleaning will be charged at cost. We would be happy to provide you with a cost proposal before implementation.